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Everyone experiences a loss of some kind during their life. Each one of us deal with our loss in different ways and manners. Some folks find constructive ways of responding to loss. While others seem inconsolable. I have done a number of memorial services over the years, I have observed the mourners react differently depending upon their faith commitment. Folks who have a strong faith foundation find comfort in their faith and faith community. Those who do not have such a faith base could not be   comforted in their grieving.

Dealing with our loss seems to me to be dependent on the kind of loss. We may deal with the loss of a loved one differently from a loss of a job, or sense of self, or a significant  relationship, or health, or meaning to life. For me the loss of my first wife to kidney cancer and my own deterring health issues raised different emotions and responses. At the same time there was several constants which helped me deal with my losses.

At the heart of dealing with my losses was a  gracious God. My faith helped me affirm the  underlying support for me comes from God. Scripture affirms that Jesus shared with his disciples that when He was gone from them He would send the Holy Spirit, the comforter to be with them. We are also beneficiareis of that gift.

God has also given me the gift of a great family, strong communities of faith, the mentor of Jesus as Lord and friend, and the process of   remembering, which promotes healing and   provides comfort. All these gifts are helpful, and used in different ways depending upon the loss.

Throughout my life and series of losses two things remain of significant importance for me. They are a strong faith in Jesus the Christ, and a sense of humor. Both are important to me and I believe needed in life to deal with loss and setbacks and life itself. Amen.